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GraniTite® Features and Benefits

Features Concrete Coatings GraniTite®
Flexibility No Yes
Slip Resistance Little or none Yes
Application Difficult to apply Easy to apply
Maintenance Difficult to repair Easy to repair
Colorfast No Yes
UV Resistant No Yes

There Is No Comparison!

GraniTite® is the first real improvement in decorative coatings in thirty years. "Knockdowns" and "spray downs" all incorporate sand and cement as aggregate and binders. GraniTite® is made of quartz! Instead of cement it uses state of the art modified resins. The result is a decorative coating system second to none.

GraniTite® can be applied to pool decks, walkways, patios, porches, balconies, stairs, driveways, entrances, wheelchair access ramps, walls, countertops, etc.

GraniTite® offers the beauty of stone and the best features of today's coating technologies! Why use a thirty-year-old coating system when you can have GraniTite® for the same price?

Safety Ratings:
Toxicity - 0
Fire - 0
Reactivity - 0
Special - 0
0 - Insignificant
1 - Slight
2 - Moderate
3 - High
4 - Extreme
* In addition, GraniTite is VOC compliment with no sealer or with our EpoxyKote or SealPro Sealer
GraniTite® Specifications
Coefficient of Friction (slip resistance) - .93 average (ASTM D-1894)
Compressive Strength - 7,700 psi (ASTM D-695)
Freeze/Thaw - no change after 60 cycles
Mildew Resistance - no growth after 365 days
Color Fastness - 10 months Florida sun exposure - Imperceptible

Commonly Asked Questions

What is GraniTite? It is a slip-resistant decorative coating designed to resurface new and old concrete.
How is it applied? It is either troweled or sprayed on.
What warranty is involved? Up to five years depending on application.
What colors does it come in? We have a variety of natural earth tone colors.
What about control/expansion joints? They remain for expansion & contraction of the original concrete.
Is it cool to walk on? Yes
Is it slip resistant? Even when wet it is slip resistant.
Will it color fade? Even after three years fading is imperceptible.
What about pre-existing cracks? All cracks are repaired before GraniTite® is applied.
Can it be applied to walls? Yes Can it be applied to steps? Yes
How does GraniTite® compare to other coatings? Very well, and is more durable than paint or stains.
Is it water resistant? Yes
How often does it need to be painted? GraniTite® does not require painting.

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